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Let's Work Together! with Ron Philgreen

Ron PhilgreenRon will share some actual case histories of how a few cases came together with many key advisors working together.

Every major donor has a multiplicity of advisors (i.e. – attorney, CPA, financial planner, Registered Investment Advisor, Life Insurance Agent, Registered Representative, Realtor, Banker, Trust Officer from the profit and business world AND CEOs, Presidents, Directors of Development from one or two  or thirty non-profit organizations that he/she is supporting) many of whom have their own agendas and priorities which can not only conflict with all the other advisors, but more importantly with the goals and objectives of the donor.  Can We Work Together?  And How Are We Going To Do That?

What you will learn:

  • How to recognize the potential conflict between the donor’s many advisors
  • How to get all the advisors facing the donor and saying “how can we help you?”
  • Some actual case histories that demonstrate some successful team work with advisors

Who should attend?  Nonprofits and Advisors


Ron Is…
The Founder & Director of The Charitable Planning Institute, Inc.* “Where Involuntary Philanthropy Converts To Voluntary Philanthropy™”

A Charitable Tax Planning Specialist…
Having specialized in Charitable Tax Planning since 1968, Ron has produced over 1,900 charitable planning cases, and in the process, raised several hundred million for charity.

Who is Nationally Known…
He is a nationally known lecturer on Charitable Tax Planning with over 1,500 seminars conducted from coast to coast, including eighteen appearances as the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table’s (MDRT) Annual Meeting and one appearance at the MDRT Top Of The Table.

For His Innovative “Charitable Bucket™” Software…
Ron is the author and publisher of an innovative “Charitable Bucket™” Software Tutorial Presentation , which has received wide acceptance and utilization throughout the financial services industry as an effective marketing and communication tool. Using the visual analogy of a “Charitable Bucket™,” he tells the story of Charitable Tax Planning, and “sells the sizzle”in one-on-one presentations and the group seminar format as well.

For His Creative Charitable Tax Planning Strategies…
Ron has in inventory twenty-three major Charitable Tax Planning Strategies which provide powerful solutions to critical estate, tax and financial planning problems in nine major areas. These strategies are designed to avoid long term capital gains taxes, reduce current income taxes, and eliminate federal estate taxes by converting “Involuntary Philanthropy Into Voluntary Philanthropy™”

For His Commitment To Excellence…
Ron is founder and owner of The Charitable Planning Institute, Inc.* of Leawood, KS, a Charitable Tax Planning Consulting Firm through which he custom designs charitable tax planning strategies for clients on a fee basis.   As a 44 year life member of the esteemed Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), Ron is past Chairman Of the MDRT’s Charitable Giving Task Force, a past MDRT Divisional Vice-President, and Past Chairman of the MDRT Foundation’s Global Gift Fund Committee.   He is President Emeritus of The National Association Of Philanthropic Planners (NAPP), which is now merged with The International Association Of Advisors in Philanthropy (AiP).   Ron was a contributing author of numerous trade journal articles and a member of The Editorial Board of CCH’s Journal Of Practical Estate Planning Magazine for a number of years.  In his 56 years in the business, Ron has had a major influence in raising the consciousness level and the commitment to excellence in the charitable tax planning arena within the financial services industry.