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UnmASKing the ASK…Understanding the Moral Biography of Your Donor with Bill Regan

“…let’s be human with each other for a few minutes” This unique, interactive presentation focuses on the discovering of the moral biography of the donor, you hear over and over about….giving strategies, event planning, board goverance, grant writing, financial/legal/tax planning, etc…a lot of head and very little attention to the heart, “that” heart of the donor.

Today’s donor perceives different trusting points for their self-orientation to your ask, yet we continue to push our cause for a quick decision, they see nonprofits as a upside down negative economy that is about giving, not taking…providing services, not profits and surviving on scarcity in a abundant world. Armed with the googled social proof of a 24/7, non-personal, always connected, 140 character of texts and symbols; donors have openly rejected the traditional methods of charitable motivation; they are listening less and questioning more, even when you have something great to share, you cannot get beyond their skepticism.

This timely discussion will show you how to prospect where you are welcome, how to remain present when you present and discover through dominant “pre-suasion and pre-ferral” emotional asking styles how to unveil the donor’s deepest archeological taboo on the topic of money and why their situational ethics re-ignite…not when they are asked to give, but when they “ask” you; “how do I give.”

Whether you meet face-to-face or on Facebook… where does your “soul meet your business plan?” Are you a pre-suader or a manipulator? Are you truly creating shared value and building significance in their lives first?

This new era of mistrust has made it convenient for the giver to sneak behind the curtain, whether you walk through the door marked “Executive Director”, “Fundraiser” or the door marked “Advisor”…the overriding question your wealth holder is asking; “have we made anything better?” Are they asking you this first?

Who should attend? NPO Development and Executive Directors, Advisors, Trust Officers, CPAs, and Attorneys

7:30 – 7:50 Registration/Breakfast
7:50 – 8:00 am Announcements

8:00 – 9:00 am Program

Presenter: Bill Regan
Bill Regan is managing director with ROI Philanthropic LLC; an independent consulting/advisory firm specializing in non profit/for profit L3C social program related investing. Bill is also a senior partner at Summit Pointe Consulting, LLC, as a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy; he is responsible for wealth holder development, major planned giving and charitable stewardship.

Bill has 20 years leadership experience as an Executive Director, Director of Development and Major Planned Giving Officer and has fundraised over $30 million in collaboration with several regional and national NPOs. Bill also serves as an active executive board member with AFP Mid America, MAPGC, and Children Mercy Hospitals Planned Giving Council.

Personally, Bill has an interesting background…a professional musician, captain of a multi-million dollar private yacht in Florida, film production assistant at Universal Studios, Los Angeles, successful small business owner, Bill attended and graduated from USC, KU and the American College and is currently focused on a successful career as a charitable development advisor for both for profit and nonprofit organizations; however his greatest story is his love for his wife, Karen and their family of five daughters, one son and nine grandchildren.