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Forming the IdeaL Team © with Steve Goodner

Success in philanthropic efforts requires a team of people with unique strengths and talents. Gain key insights into why some teams are highly successful, while others are not. Learn about tools and resources that enhance the success of the team and provide increased opportunities for future success. This applies to teams within organizations and to diverse teams of professionals working together to achieve a donor’s desired outcomes.

What you will take away from this session:

  • Gain key insights into why teams succeed or fail
  • Tools and resources for enhanced success
  • Ways to build future opportunities and success

About Our Speaker:
Steve Goodner, Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy, recently of The Salvation Army (TSA), led the philanthropic planning effort in the state of Texas. In his 12+ years at TSA, Steve directed efforts that raised hundreds of millions of dollars through thoughtful philanthropic planning. This included many business owners moving from success to significance.

Leveraging his 35 years of experience in organizations of all sizes, directly and in a consulting role, Steve has now started his company, Goodner Strategic Consulting, LLC (GSC). Using the tools of psychology, and extensive experience in the for profit and nonprofit worlds, Steve helps individuals, teams and organizations reach their preferred future through proven tools, resources and processes.

GSC works with non-profit organizations, specifically in realizing their fundraising potential by understanding their unique advantages and opportunities, then developing people solutions to meet their specific needs and goals.