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John Trybus

John D. Trybus, APR, Managing Director & Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication

10:10 Keynote Topic: The Future of Storytelling: What Will Change, What Won’t and Why It Matters

Summary of presentation: Everywhere you turn within the social impact sector, practitioners are talking about the power of storytelling. And for good reason. Effective stories create action–they can build movements, mobilize supporters, win elections, and yes, spur donations. History has shown that stories are inextricably linked to what it means to be human. But we’re entering a phase of storytelling overload from a strategic organizational point-of-view. The definition and purpose of a “story” has rapidly evolved, and it’s harder than ever to escape the noise and develop organizational cultures of storytelling that break down silos and work across functions, departments, and people. John Trybus from Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication will share findings from new applied research into what the future of social impact will look like and why it matters. The results and ideas for action will surprise and inspire you.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn a brief history of storytelling and why the art of storytelling is inextricably linked to what it means to be human.
  • Learn the top trends about the current state of storytelling within the rapidly evolving social impact sector.
  • Learn the five change spaces for how storytelling for social impact will evolve in the future, and the implications for your organization.

11:10 Breakout Topic: Rethinking Influence: Storytelling as the New Currency of Change

Summary of presentation: Organizations must influence target audiences to spark action. But sometimes we get so caught up in working to drive donations that we overly control the story to present the “perfect” organization. What if we rethought what influence means and how to achieve it through storytelling? This hands-on, participatory workshop will build on the keynote presentation to help you and your team create purposeful stories while also strengthening a culture of storytelling. Get ready to rethink how storytelling drives influence and change, and learn the tools for how to do just that.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the five essential building blocks that must be present in all effective social impact stories, based on research.
  • Learn how to develop a strategy to tell stories on behalf of your organization that align with organizational goals.
  • Learn how to strengthen the culture of storytelling within your organization in a sustainable way.

About John: John Trybus is a social strategist on a mission to help impact organizations embrace the blur–between sectors, functions, departments and human strengths–for good. He leads and manages Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication, a renowned research and action center working to ignite the power of responsible marketers, communicators, fundraisers, and journalists to combine their strengths within an organization to drive societal change.

He has served as the personal advisor to world-famous chimpanzee expert Dr. Jane Goodall, as a strategy lead within the British Embassy, and as a social innovation consultant to Tiffany & Co., L’Oréal Paris, Coca-Cola, Women for Women International and other clients. John is also a professor of social impact and nonprofit management at Georgetown University and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. from Concordia University Chicago. A proud father of a hairless cat named Penelope, he lives in Washington, D.C. You can learn more about his work at www.johntrybus.com.